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Vulnerable Road Users Safety Consortium

Global industry leaders engineer a safer mobility ecosystem for vulnerable road users.


The VRUSC is a collaborative non-profit consortium with a mission to make roads safer for all shared road users worldwide, with a focus on users of micromobility (bicycles, scooters), pedestrians, road safety, emergency workers and other shared road users. 

We facilitate the introduction of best practices and standards to improve vehicle detection of VRUs with the goal of reducing reduce crashes between vehicles and valuable vulnerable road users.

Our Members

It’s simple: Saving lives. By establishing a collaborative, neutral, pre-competitive space, we can identify and prioritize challenges in order to elevate potential solutions that work for all vulnerable road users.

Our Process

At the center of our process is an engineering philosophy:

  • Identify critical scenarios for vulnerable road users

  • Determine approaches to reduce risks

  • Evaluate potential solutions to improve safety

Our Outputs

We're synthesizing some of the most innovative approaches to road safety engineering, policy, and infrastructure, and sharing them across the mobility spectrum.


The VRUSC brings together vehicle OEMs, technology developers, bike manufacturers, eMobility companies and more.  We’re a neutral forum committed to solutions that improve safety for all road users.

The VRUSC Consortium was created in 2021, out of the Tome B2V Advisory Board founded in 2018. Using the foundational groundwork, leadership and vision started by the B2V, the VRUSC has convened some of the foremost global mobility safety engineering experts to share expertise with one goal: making the road safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and micromobility users worldwide. To learn more, please visit the links below or complete the Contact Us form.

Illustration of bikes, scooters, and pedestrians sharing the road with cars, trucks, and buses

Our Members


bike gear icon

136 million

trips worldwide using micromobility
in 2019
+60% over 2018
(NATCO, 2019)

Bike icon

130 million+

projected electric bicycle sales
40M in 2023 alone


scooter icon

$23 billion

cost of bicycle injuries and deaths from crashes in the U.S.

(CDC, 2022)

person riding a scooter icon


increased proportion of road deaths "outside the vehicle"


(NHTSA, 2021)

pedestrian walking icon

1.3 million

annual deaths from road traffic crashes.
More than 50% are vulnerable road users.


(WHO, 2021)

person riding a bike icon


of EU road deaths were
pedestrians and cyclists
in 2018 (ETSC, 2018)


Our roads today are shared by more types of mobility than ever before. People are discovering more ways to commute, explore, and enjoy their communities.

The continued growth in the use of bicycles of all types (pedal, ebike, cargo, and mountain) and electric scooters means less congestion and a healthier environment. Unfortunately, traffic fatalities among vulnerable road users have grown as adoption rises.

Our members understand that we all have a role to play — mobility, technology, infrastructure, and beyond. Each offers deep experience in safety engineering. Today, we’re working together collaboratively to enable safer mobility for the most vulnerable road users.

We’re putting people at the center of mobility.


How To Join

We welcome companies and stakeholders to join us to help achieve this important vision and mission.

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Find current information on the safety of vulnerable road users and hear about our recent activities. 



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We facilitate the introduction of technology and standards for bicycles, ebikes, scooters, automakers, commercial vehicle manufacturers, transportation, consumer electronic companies (e.g., cell phones, telecommunications), and Infrastructure Owners/Operators and providers to improve VRU safety.

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Vulnerable Road Users Safety Consortium
400 Commonwealth Drive
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